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"No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We alone must walk the path." 
The Buddha
Association of
Gnostic Anthropology 
Glens Falls, NY in 2018

Gnostic Anthropology:



Gnostic Anthropology is the study of one's self.  The word gnosis comes from Greek, meaning knowledge and Anthropology is the study of mankind, but in Gnostic Anthopology it is each particular man/woman, our very selves that we seek to know.  It is said "Man, know thyself and thou will know the universe and it's gods."


This is a school for people interested in comprehending themselves deeply; physically, mentally and emotionally, on all the levels of consciousness.   Learn techniques of self observation, mindfulness and meditation.  Explore your spiritual nature juxtaposed against the sleep of the consciousness and snare of ego and learn how to break free from it's grasp.


Although we welcome all, this may not appeal to everyone. It is for the brave hearted few with the courage to look deeply inside and eradicate from within all that stands in the way of Being or fusing with your Highest Self, Buddha Nature/God.


We study the art, science, philosophy and mysticism of ancient cultures.  We respect all religions and the sacred texts of all traditions as there is a golden thread of truth, "gnosis", that runs through them all.

Introduction to the Gnostic Teachings;

Meditation and Esoteric Psychology

Introductory Classes

Topic: The Four Pillars of Gnosis
Art, Science, Philosophy & Mysticism



The Four Paths to GNOSIS;  The Fakir, the Monk, the Yogi and the Householder (an Introduction to Gnosis and Gnostic Anthropology)


July, 9, 2018 

7:00 – 8:30 PM


Crandall Public Library
Crandal Room (2nd Floor)
251 Glen St. Glens Falls, NY  12801


Classes are FREE

Call: Theresa Knorr 518 222-4870

Or email:



The teachings are built on the four pillars of Art, Science, Philosophy and Mysticism and experienced through the two columns of Alchemy and Kabbalah.

First Chamber Series

33 Begining Lectures


Place and Time to be announced.


See Curriculum page.

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